Real Simple Syndication

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Integrate the RSS API with the Stripe API

Setup the RSS API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Stripe API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate RSS and Stripe remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Cancel a Payment Intent with the Stripe API

Cancel a payment intent. Once canceled, no additional charges will be made by the payment intent and any operations on the payment intent will fail with an error. For payment intents with status=requires_capture, the remaining amount_capturable will automatically be refunded. See the docs for more information

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Cancel Or Reverse a Payout with the Stripe API

Cancel or reverse a payout. A payout can be canceled only if it has not yet been paid out. A payout can be reversed only if it has already been paid out. Funds will be refunded to your available balance. See the docs for more information

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POST /v1/setup_intents/{intent}/confirm

Confirm that your customer intends to set up the current or provided payment method. For example, you would confirm a SetupIntent when a customer hits the “Save” button on a payment method management page on your website.

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Connect RSS

// Retrieve items from a sample feed
const Parser = require('rss-parser');
const parser = new Parser();

const stories = []

// Replace with your feed URL
const url = ""

const feed = await parser.parseURL(url);
const { title, items } = feed
this.title = title

if (!items.length) {
  $end("No new stories")

this.items = items

Connect Stripe

return await require("@pipedreamhq/platform").axios(this, {
  url: ``,
  auth: {
    username: `${auths.stripe.api_key}`,
    password: ``,