Code-free automations and data extraction. Chain actions and data extraction on the web to generate business leads, marketing audiences and overall growth. Phantombuster gives you the tools and know-how to grow your business faster.

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Phantombuster API Integrations

Build and run workflows using the Phantombuster API. Use 1000s of source-available triggers and actions across 1000+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds.


Phantombuster is a powerful API that enables users to build efficient web automation solutions. It provides a pool of services and tools to help users quickly, easily and securely interact with multiple websites at once.

With Phantombuster, users can create custom automated solutions to perform various tasks such as data extraction, lead generation, marketing automation, and web scraping. Here are a few of the things users can build using Phantombuster:

  • Data extraction - Phantombuster's API allows users to quickly and securely extract data from multiple sites and APIs, allowing users to access large amounts of data at once and extract only what they need.
  • Lead generation - Phantombuster's API connects to multiple social networks and websites, allowing users to quickly and accurately gather leads or potential contacts and store them into a database.
  • Automated marketing campaigns - Phantombuster's API enables users to create and launch automated marketing campaigns, automating the entire process and saving time and money.
  • Web scraping - Phantombuster's API allows users to scrape entire webpages or just parts of it, enabling streamlined data years.
  • Robot monitoring - Phantombuster's API enables users to monitor robots, allowing them to keep an eye on their tasks and ensuring their bots are running as efficiently as possible.
  • Data analytics - Phantombuster's API allows users to easily analyze and visualize their gathered data, allowing them to quickly make decisions based on their collected data.
import { axios } from "@pipedream/platform"
export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    phantombuster: {
      type: "app",
      app: "phantombuster",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    return await axios($, {
      url: ``,
      headers: {
        "X-Phantombuster-Key-1": `${this.phantombuster.$auth.api_key}`,
Launch Phantom with Phantombuster API on New Requests (Payload Only) from HTTP / Webhook API
HTTP / Webhook + Phantombuster
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Send Message (Advanced) with Discord Webhook API on New Output Created Event from Phantombuster API
Phantombuster + Discord Webhook
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Launch Phantom with Phantombuster API on New Submission from Typeform API
Typeform + Phantombuster
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Launch Phantom with Phantombuster API on Custom Events from Zoom API
Zoom + Phantombuster
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Get Film with SWAPI - Star Wars API on New Output Created Event from Phantombuster API
Phantombuster + SWAPI - Star Wars
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New Output Created Event from the Phantombuster API

Emit new events when new outputs are created. See the docs here

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Launch Phantom with the Phantombuster API

Adds an agent to the launch queue, See the docs

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Phantombuster uses API keys for authentication. When you connect your Phantombuster account, Pipedream securely stores the keys so you can easily authenticate to Phantombuster APIs in both code and no-code steps.

Your API key resides in your Phantombuster Org settings page. This page is also accessible through your navbar's menu, under the label "Org settings". Please notice that for security reasons, you key will only be shown once, on creation. You better copy it in a safe place before refreshing or leaving the page.

For more info, refer to Phantombuster's API documentation.