HTTP API for Latest Covid-19 Data
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HTTP API for Latest Covid-19 Data

To use this API, just make an HTTP request to the following endpoint URL:

You can test it in your browser or app, by running curl in a terminal, or copy and run this workflow.

The API returns:

  1. Summary stats (count of cases, recoveries and deaths)

    • Global
    • Mainland China
    • Non-Mainland China
  2. Raw data (counts by region as published in the Google Sheet)

  3. Metadata (including when data was last published and the cache status)

Note: Data is cached using $checkpoint to improve performance. The cache is updated if it's more than 5 minutes old (view the workflow code or read more below).

This workflow provides an API at to fetch the latest number of confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths from a public Google Sheet published by the team at the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University, and returns both the raw regional breakouts as well as summary stats in JSON format. It also caches the data for up to 5 minutes to improve performance. The raw data is aggregated by the team at the CSSE from multiple sources including the WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXY, and updates are published to Google Sheets multiple times per day.