Zuora Data Query API integration would be useful

I see the Github ticket, but there has been no traction on this.

Any updates?
Ideally an integration with the Data Query API would be great.

Hi @justindavidmason

The latest message on the issue is that we were unable to procur a Zuora account.

Would you be open to contributing these components or sharing an Zuora account that a Pipedream developer can use to build and test?

Is there a ticket you opened with Zuora? I reached out to our contact and they asked if you “Pipedream” had a contact at Zoura that you requested the sandbox account with. I’d be happy to try to help get you connected with them.


Hi @justindavidmason

No, not me personally, but I encourage you to post on that Github issue I linked to above to help coordinate that.

On that thread are the developers that are working on that integration and the lack of support from Zuora is what’s blocking them. So if you could comment and connect them that would be very helpful for us to get started.

Justin - We are in contact with Zuora and they are asking for a customer name. Can you let us know which Zuora customer we should refer to? Also, feel free to DM me on Slack and we can triage.