Zoom account just got disconnected

Our zoom account just got disconnected without any notice or anything else. (I was able to reconnect it very fast).

  • Is there any threshold or a certain duration for the connection?
  • Do I have to refresh it in certain intervals manually?

@formlos you shouldn’t have to reconnect your Zoom account in Pipedream. We should be handling the refresh process automatically in the background for you, but it sounds like maybe there is an issue that we can investigate. Has this happened multiple times? When did you notice your account had gotten disconnected?


  • I noticed it today, just a couple of minutes before I started this thread today.
  • This has happened either the first or second time for us – I’m not 100% sure (sorry)

No problem, thank you! And have you been using Zoom in one or more workflows for a while now?

We’ve been using it in 2 different workflows (which do the same: start a meeting and sending it to discord in the next steps). We started using it on the 6th of January.

Hope this helps.

Okay thanks for the info. We just shipped a change that we think might resolve the issue. Can you let me know if it keeps popping up for you?