Zoho email not picking the right server

Zoho email has a problem where it assumes server is US one.

For instance, below is my config. I have defined the problems I faced while setting up the client.

When I press test, I get 404 error

Further in the request log, I can see that it is attempting to contact mail.zoho.com whereas my account is with zoho.com.au

Also, looking at javascript and python based clients, Javascript seems to be working ok whereas there is an issue with python example on load.

Hi @voldemort , thanks so much for reporting. I saw you submitted a PR to correct the first issue - is that PR working for you on your account?

I raised an issue internally to track the Python issue. That does appear to be a bug in how we serialize the code for the Zoho Mail request.

Hi @dylburger ,

Apologies, I couldn’t get my local setup running. Pd list is only showing ecwid component and PE deploy is giving 404 on anything.

Can you help how to handle this?


@voldemort Just to confirm, can you try running pd logout and login once more to make sure the local credentials are configured correctly? Then try running the pd deploy command again.

If that still fails, can you show me the exact command you’re trying to run, and show me the error you receive on the CLI? Please also share the full code in the file you’re trying to deploy so I can try to reproduce the issue.

@dylburger - thanks for being patient with me. Yes, I can login and test now.

Seems to be working ok. It took some time to understand how to test. All good now :slight_smile:

FYI, the Zoho Mail Python default code step should correctly reference the OAuth access token now.

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