XERO Accounting: Refresh token not working


I’m testing the integration with Xero accounting. It works fine for the accounting processes. My problem is the OAuth 2.0. When i built the workflow, I’ve logged myself to Xero and everything was working fine.
I’ve read that Pipedream is supposed to handle the refresh tokens so that the access can last. But now my account is not authorized anymore and I don’t know how I can log myself again.
Xero response:
token expired

Thanks a lot

Hi @mkures thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear you’re running into an issue with Xero. Your expectation is definitely correct – part of the benefit of Pipedream is that we handle all of the complicated auth implementation for connecting to 3rd party apps so you don’t have to (including handling refresh tokens).

I just tested Xero end to end and inspected each step of the OAuth flow, and everything appears to be in working order (and I have a healthy connection whose access token has been refreshed), so I’m not sure why that isn’t the case for you.

Can you try removing that auth provision and reconnecting your Xero account? You can delete then reconnect your account connection here: https://pipedream.com/accounts?q=xero

Let me know if that resolves your issue after you do some more testing.

Thank you!