Workflow setup from telegram to discord

I set up a work flow from telegram to discord channel but when content was added to my telegram channel and showed up discord but the actual content didn’t show up and displayed the workflow url. With this method are yo

u able to send text and media from telegram to discord?

No I am not it comes up blank then a url at the bottom which I don’t really want displaying

Hi @joshjones05

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Can you share the content of your Discord action with a screenshot? It’s possible that the Telegram step export is missing in your Discord action.

This video is about using Webhook data in actions, but the same concepts apply to Discord events:

Hi, I took a look at the link you sent me and made no sense too me. Im a complete noob to this and coding is way over my head. What would I change so it sends media from telegram to discord? You help would be much appreciated, thanks

Hi @joshjones05

It is a slightly different start, but a webhook is similar to your Telegram trigger, there’s incoming data that you need to pass onto a downstream step - i.e. your Discord message action.

To pass data between steps, you can the params section of the action.

I noticed that the Telegram trigger includes references to file IDs but not their full URL. You’ll have to use another action or look at their API documentation in order to retrieve those image URLs to pass to the Discord step.

You you be able too help as I still don’t fully grasp how to work it, are you able too look at my trigger workflow and point me in the right direction

Hi @joshjones05

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