Workflow results page stops responding

I have a Workflow set up to consume data from a webhook, parse it, and send it to another API endpoint. Albeit a large number of records, the results page in Pipedream stops responding and crashes. However, I can check the results on my endpoint. It appears to have ultimately (hopefully, there’s a large amount of data, so I can’t accurately debug what number of records should be sent in total)

Welcome @kpetrillo and thanks for reaching out. Would you mind clicking the Share button at the top-right of the workflow and share it with I’d like to see if I can reproduce on my end, and I can help look into it.

Did you find a solution from this topic? My workflow has almost the same purpose, but some errors occurred and in an attempt to solve them the page became slower and slower. The workflow belongs to my manager at the company, and we use it to handle information from an api to another system. He shares the workflow with me.

@igoravila Thanks for reaching out. It’s very likely the workflow is returning large data from some step. Since your web browser has to load all data returned from steps, it can cause the browser to hang.

I’d recommend inspecting each step to see the data it exports, and see if any step is returning large data (for example: images, files, base64-encoded data, large API responses, etc). If that’s the case, try to reduce the data being returned.

Once you discover the root of the issue, I’d recommend deleting all events from your history to make sure the browser doesn’t load old events with large step exports. Once you do that, you should no longer see the page slow down.

Let me know if that helps!