Workflow folders

Let to organize workflows into folders is a good idea, especially when we have a lot of workflows to manage.


Agreed @heliofreitas ! Thanks for the request. We’re tracking this here - we’ll post updates on that issue.

Rather than folders, it might be more useful to be able to apply one or more tags to a workflow.

Then we could filter the shared workflow list for an org by tag(s) rather than having to know which folder to go into. Would also make implementation potentially more easy as well since it’s potentially a single array field and a filter on the grid. Folder organization strategies tend to be arbitrary, difficult to implement well, and everyone on a team tends to naturally organize a little differently. Tags cut that possible friction and make workflows easy to find.

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Came here to write the same suggestion, but seeing that this is request already made since 2019… it doesn’t give much optimism. :confused:

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