Why was I debited 2 credits for a single workflow execution despite a timeout error and a configured limit of 30s or 1 credit?

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I had a timeout error and I was debited 2 credits even though the workflow was only executed once during the day and the workflow limit was configured at 30s or 1 credit
Does anyone have an explanation ?

Hi , could you please share your workflow url here so I can take a look?

Hi , seems like your workflow is timing out (> 30 seconds). It’s being invoked but resulting in the error

Hi , thank you for your response.
Yes I saw that the workflow expired but my question is why it took 2 credits when the limit is set at 30 seconds so 1 credit ?

It seems that the workflow has been invoked more than one time during that day. What system sends the API call to to the webhook? Are you able to make sure how many times it’s sending an HTTP request to the workflow webhook?

The webbook is just for exceptionnal use. The main trigger is the CRON trigger which execute the worflow every sunday at 6PM.
As the history show it, the workflow was execute only one time at 18:00:43

There is this second workflow that is executed if one error is throw in the workspace.

Does the call to this workflow after timming out consume 1 credit ?

Hi ,
Could you confirm that calling a workflow on error on the workspace consume 1 credit for the call + credits to run this workflow ?

Hi , could you please file a support ticket at https://pipedream.com/support so this gets properly registered?