Why particular workflow is taking to much time to load

Hi Team,

I am facing an issue to load particular workflow. It is very very slow and I am not able update the code.
Please let me know how I can resolve this.


Hi @sumitrathi sorry to hear that, that’s super frustrating. Can you share your workflow with pierce@pipedream.com so I we can troubleshoot from our end?

Shared with you.

Hi Pierce,

Did you get the chance to look this issue?

Sumit Rathi

if the problem is solved it’s good to explain the cause in the reply, so that other users experiencing the same problem can learn about it

@sumitrathi sorry for the delay, thanks for your patience and sharing the workflow - but it looks like I’m not seeing any workflows shared with me from your username specifically.

Could you share the link of it here?

Also since we last spoke, there’s a new option to share workflows with support, makes it much easier for us to view workflows and assist:

Done… Please check now.


@sumitrathi can you share the URL of the workflow as well? Would really help us find which workflow is in question.

I have shared with you again… please check.

Hi @sumitrathi thanks for sharing the workflow.

This is a very complex workflow with 10 steps and each of these steps is doing quite a bit of data processing.

I was able to load the workflow and view it’s contents and look around without a lock up. It may just be a computing difference.

We’re working on serializing workflows so you’ll be able to develop locally and use the full power of your computer to build workflows, but in the meantime I would recommend using $.http.send to asynchronously move some of this logic to a different workflow.

For example, SQL queries to insert or update data can be moved to a separate workflow that’s triggered by this original workflow.

Calling different workflows from the original workflow could be a way to reduce to the code running in your browser as your editing this main workflow.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your suggestion!

Sure thing @sumitrathi thanks for your patience on the workflow sharing mix up.

Hope it works out for you.