Why Isn't My Gmail Developer App Trigger Keying Off New Attachments While Offline?

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Hi Everyone-- I built a workflow using Gmail Developer App Trigger that keys off New Attachment Received which isn’t triggering when I’m offline. The trigger Polling Logs appears active & the trigger responds when I send a test attachment, but the target attachment isn’t appearing as an event emission in the Polling Logs.

• Timer - 15 second poll interval
• Label Filter - “Open-Closed PO” (applied using rule on Gmail side)
Has anyone dealt with Gmail event emissions not triggering Pipedream?

Hey , would you mind filing a bug report in Support - Pipedream? First choose Integrations and then Report a problem with an existing integration

Filing a bug now-- it may be an error on my end that I haven’t been able to solve.

I had the same issue! commenting to follow thread