Why Isn't My Escalation Policy Populating in PagerDuty's Slack Trigger Drop Down?

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I’m trying to create a PagerDuty trigger to Slack when a new rotation occurs on an Escalation policy. However, for some reason it is not showing all the escalation policies and the one I need is not populated in the drop down. Why is this?

If you scroll to the bottom of the list in the drop down, do you see additional items load?

it stops at 25

will not load more

and when I enter a custom value for the escalation policy it does not register an Events

I made some overrides to see if that would register as events but it does not.

thanks. I looked at the code and it does look like we’re paginating correctly, but I suggested one improvement to our team in this related ticket and moved it to the top of our backlog. We should be able to get to that within the next couple of days

great thank you

once this is completed I’ll continue testing