Why is the Spreadsheet Selector in Google Sheets Integration Only Showing Outdated Spreadsheets and Failing to Load More?

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The Spreadsheet selector in the Google Sheets integration is currently broken for me. It is only showing 3 spreadsheets that I haven’t updated in months, and clicking load more does not retrieve any new data.

Are you using a pre-built trigger or action? If so, can you try first refreshing the page then reconnecting your Google Sheets account?

I just checked on my end and I’m not having any issues listing Sheets in my account

hey – apologies, the issue seems to be that there’s no way to add spreadsheets from a shared drive. I’ve been using a shared drive for all of my projects, and the Google Sheets integration is only showing sheets on my personal drive

Which trigger or action are you using?

Add Multiple Rows on google sheets

Do you see the optional Drive prop? It defaults to My Drive but you should be able to select that, then select a Shared Drive that you have access to

Apps and Compliance here are Shared Drives

So if I select one of them, then the Spreadsheets that are listed via async options() are from that drive

Ahh thank you very much! What a newbie mistake on my part.

No problem! If it wasn’t obvious to you, you’re likely not alone.