Why is the Pipedream Root Page Experiencing Multiple Accesses from the Same IP?

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I have the problem that multiple accesses are being made to the pipedream root page, always with the same IP I would like to understand what this could be because there are more than 10 accesses in a short period of time.I didn’t access it during this period of time, it’s not me

Hi Lucas, this just means that either a web browser or automation like a bot or SEO crawler is accessing your Pipedream HTTP trigger.

Did you publish it on the frontend of a website by chance?

I didn’t publish it on any frontend, just controlled and customized redirection urls already generated, which an api returns token. However, it is generating these attacks at times when no one is working.

I started playing with pipedream this Monday, so sorry for anything haha

If there is a way to ignore any access to the pure link, it might help.
and sorry for the English, I’m using Google Translate hahaha

That’s alright! Google Translate is doing a good job.

You could add authentication to the URL by adding a filter that checks for a secret key in the headers.

Also, I would recommend recreating the HTTP trigger, so that will refresh the unique URL. And make sure to keep it secret if this is a backend only initiated URL.

You can also check the headers of those requests to get an idea where they might be coming from, and also do a whois on the IP.