Why is the HubSpot Contact Property Change Workflow Hitting the Maximum Input Limit in a Batch Request and Not Sending Error Notifications?

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HubSpot Contact Property Change - Bug

We are getting the following in our Pipedream logs:

“The maximum number of inputs supported in a batch request for property histories is 50. Please reduce the number of items and try again”

The workflow in question is triggered by the change of a contact property. Looking at the logs, the following end point is called:


And it passes a lot of IDs, which I’m guessing is more than 50, which is hitting this limit.

Looking at the code, it would appear batchGetContacts() isn’t paged, so the fix is probably to check if inputs is greater than 50, and if so, only send a max of 50 inputs per call.

Lastly, very surprised this error didn’t trigger an email to use, we only found out when someone flagged the automation was not working and we looked at the logs.

Hi Colin, thanks for the bug report - could you file it as a Github Issue? Then our developers can triage and push a fix:

PS - it’s also open source, so feel free to fork the repo, make the changes and publish the custom action to your account.


Thank you!