Why is the Datastore Not Accessible from Python Scripts and Resulting in a KeyError?

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data_stores not accessible from python scripts. throwing this error when using data_store = pd.inputs[“previous_event_data”] from attached datastore to this step:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/nano-py/pipedream/worker.py", line 118, in execute
    user_retval = handler(pd)

  File "/tmp/__pdg__/dist/code/619bba68aca55a13f41511bee9dcc1e90ce4785c530e1db07f8223ae6d4537be/code.py", line 14, in handler
    last = pd.inputs['previous_event_data']

KeyError: 'previous_event_data'

Could you try data_store = pd.inputs["data_store"]