Why is Pipedream Taking 16 Credits for One Workflow Execution Instead of the Stated Single Credit?

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Hi Team,

I am using pipedream free plan, As per the documentation most of the automation execution takes only one credit and also the first 30 seconds of the execution is free.

But It is taking 16 credit for one execution. I am wondering why it is taking this much of credit for only one workflow execution.

I am automating youtube video uploads from google drive and airtable and I have 9 steps in the workflow.

could you please some one help me to identify why it is taking this much of credit for one execution?


Large videos may take a while to download from Google Drive and upload to YouTube. You will incur 1 credit for every 30 seconds of that time.

If it takes 4 minutes to download from Google Drive, and another 4 minutes to upload to YouTube, that’s 16 credits right there.

You should be able to look at each of your executions and see how long they ran and how many credits they cost.

Here’s an example: