Why is Event A Still Using an Outdated Workflow Version?

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imagine i have a version of my workflow where i have an error on a step. i noticed this when event A was fired. so, i fix the error, and test again with event A, and i get the same error. its almost as if using event A from when workflow version 1 was around still uses the earlier version.

ok - so this is wonky. earlier in my workflow, i do this:

const CLIENT_ID = process.env.PSAPI_CLIENTID;

And it works fine. Later in the same workflow, I have the same line of code, and the value is undefined:

im seeing this again later in the workflow. and whats weird is - i test the step, and it works

it is ok to define variables outside of defineComponent, right?

ive now deployed a few times, and in new tests, its not reading the env vars

inconsistently though - one step works - one does not

i can say - the workflow was working great yesterday. today i ripped out keys and stuff and switched to ENV vars. thats when things broke down :wink:

I’m noticing a similar issue with ENV vars, but I assumed it was because I was playing with experimental features. Let me see if there’s a wider issue going on

Can you share the workflow URL so we can take a closer look?

will DM - if there is history my keys are in there

So from what I can see ENV vars are working again, in my workflow as well as yours