Why Doesn't the Zoom Admin Recording Source Respect Chat Transcripts and How Can It Be Triggered for Specific File Types?

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Zoom admin recording completed source doesn’t properly respect the chat transcripts. Setting it to true doesn’t send over the chat transcripts. In addition, there appears to be no way to trigger this source only for mp4 recordings (or any other particular file type of interest)

Cursory glance - it appears it might be due to this line: pipedream/components/zoom_admin/sources/recording-completed/recording-completed.mjs at master · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub . The file type is TRANSCRIPT on zoom’s side.

If you’re hitting this, I’d also add an option to add a yes or no option to the mp4 recording. That’ll add the flexibility to allow users to only execute workflows on the file types they’d like.

These are all the file types I’m aware of: MP4, M4A, TIMELINE, SUMMARY, TRANSCRIPT there maybe more

Hey , I researched Zoom API session.recording_completed doc> and see that the file_type CHAT that the source use is described as CHAT: A TXT file containing in-session chat messages that were sent during the session. (image below)

Would you mind sharing steps to reproduce your issue

Zoom admin recording completed source doesn’t properly respect the chat transcripts

Hi, . I think you’re right. I was trying to get transcripts, and cc files. Would it be possible to add those as well, and add the yes or no option to each?

Currently, it’s sending the timeline no matter which option you select

If you intend to keep the “chat” functionality. I’d change the text you display in the UI as it’s incorrect. It’s just pulling in the chat, not the transcript

Hey , I think you just need to use Filter actions to filter out the file type that you’re not interested right?

following up once again on this. The rest of the filetypes (like TRANSCRIPT) are not properly passed on in the trigger even though they exist on Zoom.

I stumbled onto this thread as I am trying to get the TRANSCRIPT type to be returned when the Zoom end of recording is triggered.
Right now it is not returned because TRANSCRIPT does NOT exist in Zoom cloud until a few minutes after the meeting finishes. Is there a way to delay the trigger or force to check again for available files after a few minutes if a meeting recording being finished?