Why does Typescript build fail on Windows with WSL2 but work on Mac, causing component API call error 500?

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Hey, me and were are working on this task today and found a problem.

I thing action are not able to build the typescript, I’m experiencing the same problem on my computer (Windows with WSL2), but @U03BBH9F5TQ can build normally on they own computer (Mac).
When I build and try publish I received the error “component create api call responded with status: 500, body: {“error”:“unexpected error, please contact support@pipedream.com”}”


I was able to build it and in my comment I shared screenshots of the action working on pipedream’s UI

But for some reason, the github action says it’s not publishable

cc can you help troubleshoot?

Yep just a sec

re: building in windows: can you try deleting the dist folder in components/formatting and then build again? I got it working after that using windows like Alyson’s screenshot
re: why it fails in GH actions – still checking

Yeah, I tried and don’t worked :confused:

I believe that, if we merge it should work despite what github action says

Not sure what will happen, but I think we can try!

it may not work, future PRs may fail in GH actions because of this merge and we will have to fix the github action

I don’t think it will affect future PRs because only the changed files in the PR are verified

Only if the PR changes a component in formatting