Why does the workflow error email contain an invalid link redirecting to the wrong page?

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I’ve noticed that when a workflow (not in a project) triggers an error the email contains an invalid link back to the workflow. For example, the email contains this link https://jghphqxl.r.us-east-1.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Fpipedream.com%2F@%2Fp_o7C5oMm%3Fe=2edfegqdlfIePfXgkCkiSSNrHw2/2/0100018ea96ebe8d-2b3809bc-07f1-4385-be18-1e581dca297b-000000/rZxRUkr2JWBYByZTB0FOHEtflWw=368 which gets redirected to https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/projects?e=2edfegqdlfIePfXgkCkiSSNrHw2 instead of https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/p_o7C5oMm/edit?e=2edfegqdlfIePfXgkCkiSSNrHw2

Are you talking about the standard error emails? I just tested on my end and got the expected result, which links to the event in Event History

Thanks, . Yeah, I think you created a v2 workflow. It might have something to do with v1.

Several years ago, I customized the Global Error Workflow to include this URL:

this.eventUrl = `https://pipedream.com/@/${workflowId}?e=${eventId}

and, like I said in my original message, it recently started expanding to https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/projects?e=2eiSX6k4fQNyuoo7mIaTfIxI2VB

I just tried expanding the @ to my username:

this.eventUrl = `https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/${workflowId}?e=${eventId}

And now it redirects to this URL https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/p_aNC71e?e=2eiSdAzeuODOxuTThvmODsjpFQd, which is what I wanted.

The weird thing is that it gives me a 404, but if I reload the page, it shows me the correct page. :man-shrugging:

I see in your screenshot that the default URL might have changed. I tried using this, but it didn’t work (after reloading the page, the 404 stays): https://pipedream.com/@nachocab/event_history/2eiSdAzeuODOxuTThvmODsjpFQd

Can you try /event-history/ instead of /event_history/ ?

And this structure works for me, to link directly to the trace in the inspector instead of Event History, if that’s what you want:


Here’s an example:


Redirects me here in my case since it’s in a project:


But the same URL works for a workflow that’s not in a project

I tried with event-history and got an error

I also tried with inspect and it’s stuck in “Waiting for events” because it’s a v1 workflow. It’s okay though, I can get by with my approach. Thanks, anyway!