Why Does the Streak New Box (Instant) Trigger Not Consistently Activate for Successive New Boxes Added to a Pipeline?

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I have a problem with the Streak New Box (Instant) Trigger. When I add a new box for the first time, the trigger event happens, but every succeeding New Box added to a pipeline doesnt trigger anymore. I tried this with different pipelines and different pipedream workflows. The behavior is consistent, but sometimes a trigger doesnt happen at all

Hey , I tried to reproduce your issue but it works fine for my side (1st and 2nd images below).

Would you mind sharing your source log (3rd image below)?

Hey It shows up on the logs, but the event itself doesn’t show up on Pipedream’s interface.

Hey just wondering if you saw my source log screenshot? (third attachment)

This behavior is really weird. I don’t know why it’s not showing up in Pipedream’s UI even though the event is logged.

Hey , in order for us to get more context into your source, would you mind accessing pipedream.com/support and raise a ticket with all information there?