Why does Google Drive require "Replace text placeholders" when creating a file from a template?

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Google Drive: Create File from Template refuses to work without “Replace text placeholders”. And if left empty it throws error

Hello , I think the API requires the params to put in the place holder. May I ask why do you need it empty? Do you just need to copy the template file without doing anything?

Hi ,

exactly, i just wanted to make a copy of that sheet to fill it in later steps.

And even if i use the Field it does not work…. i put a {myPlaceholder} into the sheet (is it cruicial where it is exactly?) and a key & value pair to the function (myPlaceholder = “test”) … and the action throws error

If you would like to copy a file, you should use Copy File action instead

Thank you!

Is it possible to rename that file then?

Got it