Why Did Automations Stop Firing After HubSpot Contact Import?

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Hey, there. Just got a report from my team that one of our automations was failing. It’s set to run every time a contact is created in HubSpot and we’ve never had a problem with this, but for some reason, it stopped reporting new contacts yesterday after an import. Today, 100 new contacts created…no automations firing:

Hi , I’ve tried to reproduce your issue but couldn’t (images below)

Could you share the image of your Source Log (tap into the Log tab in your Source UI)? I suspect that something about your last import that the Pipedream source failed to handle. Having the Source Log will help us to identify the issue.

Hello @UR84EMEUT, as you’re familiar with Hubspot, could you help to check when @U04LKE94LHM provide us the Source log?

Let me know what else I can provide

Thank you . Our component dev @UR84EMEUT might be able to help when she comes online!

Please stay tune, as Pipedream support time is 9am - 5pm UTC-8, weekdays

Not a problem, I’ll be back online then as well.

I think the issue may be due to the Hubspot sources not always setting the after prop correctly. I created a Github issue ([BUG] Hubspot sources not setting "after" correctly · Issue #5354 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub) to address it, and will create a PR to correct it ASAP.

Will I need to do anything?

Nope. Feel free to follow the issue. Once it’s published, you may need to redeploy your source.

Sir we have fixed the issue and tested thoroughly hope it will work now as expected Thank you @UR84EMEUT for the quick fix

please redeploy your sources so you can get the latest fixed version of the source and please let us know if your problem is resolved

Checking now…

I assume “redeploying your sources” is simply disabling/re-enabling the workflows & sources?

please follow the tutorial

Got it

We appear to be back in business!

Happy to hear that :smiley: