Why Can't I Send Messages to Threads or Forum Posts Using Pipedream Discord Bot?

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I’ve posted about this issue nearly a week ago (I’ve noticed support in general in the forums have been lacking) and I’ve yet to get a response so hopefully I get better support here.

I’m having issues where I can’t send messages to threads let alone forum posts. I put in the thread id into the discord bot’s action through pipedream but it asks for a channel which if I put the forum channel in there it comes up with an error “Cannot send messages in a non-text channel”. If I put it in a text channel and make a thread and put the thread id in pipedream action, it only posts in the text channel not the thread.

Can someone from pipedream confirm this issue?

Hi, could you share what you want to achieve? Do you want to send message to thread or to forum post?

A forum post but they are very similar to how a thread works.

Have you tried putting forum’s Thread ID to the Channel ID?

Yes I have and it ignores it.

I can try again now just to confirm that it’s still happening since 6 days ago

Yeah it says ““Cannot send messages in a non-text channel””

Wait you mean channel id not thread id?

Yes Channel ID. For forum, you need to pass the Thread ID (a.k.a the forum post id) to the Channel ID prop

I just checked again and I can send a message there

Oh ok yes that is now working. Interesting. What’s the point of the thread id option then?

It’s to send message to a thread (that’s not a forum post). They’re actually different from the Discord API’s perspective

But you can pass the thread id into the channel anyway. If you have the channel id in channel and thread id into thread id then it just goes off into the channel. So it serves no purpose.

I think to avoid confusion, we’ll create another action “Send Message to Forum Channel” solely for this usecase

In Discord, each “post” (by your mean) is a “Channel” (image below)

Nah each post is a thread is it not? The forum itself is a channel from my understanding

You right click a post and it says thread id, you right click on a forum and it’s a channel

Actually, I think it’s really unproductive to argue who’s wrong or right.

I think to avoid confusion, we’ll create another action “Send Message to Forum Channel” solely for this usecase
I can create a ticket so you won’t be confused in the future. YOu can use that action instead when it’s available. Sounds good?

Yeah that’s fine, I dont mind.

I’ve added a ticket here and add it to Pipedream backlog: [ACTION] Discord - Send New Message to Forum Post · Issue #12120 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub