Why Can't I Modify the Timeout on Workflows in Projects Synced to Github Using the Text Box?

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I imagine this has been brought up before but in case it has not, trying to modify the timeout on workflows within projects that are synced to Github does not play nice if you try to type in the text box. Only way to reliably modify the timeout is using the slider (hard to get exact values) or the arrows to increment 1 step at a time


also the scale on the slider is totally wacky, you can have it past the 2m mark and the number will be under 120 seconds

Hi Tom, that is an interesting bug. I’ve not heard of this one before.

I tried to recreate on my account but I couldn’t.

Could you share which type of plan you’re currently on?

I honestly don’t know. It is a grandfathered in plan that we will have to be changing from at the end of this month I believe

I had the same issue previously

Could you share the name of your workspace? That would be helpful so I could dig in more.

Oh, yea I see some wonkiness there for sure. Pierce, I can repro. I’m happy to grab a screencast and get it on eng’s radar.