Why Can't I Find the Import Button on the Project Page to Import Old Workflows?

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Hi all. I’m needing to import some old workflows into a newly created Project. The documentation here says there should be an Import button on the Project page, but I’m not seeing one. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Aaron - are the workflows already in another Project?

No, they were created long before Projects existed. They’re just lone Workflows.

Sorry, the docs are a bit out of date here it looks like.

If open the Workflows section of the dashboard, and check a workflow, do you see a Move button in the top right?

One sec, in a meeting will get back to you soon!

No worries, I’ll get the docs updated with a screenshot that explains the flow

The guide for this has been updated, let me know if you still run into issues with it. But hopefully not :crossed_fingers:

Cool, taking a look

oh ok cool, I see that now thanks!

Sure thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohh… but you can’t move v1 workflows into Projects can you . :disappointed: And there’s no automatic upgrade… Migrate from v1 - Pipedream

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were referring to v1 workflows. That’s correct, v1 workflows will need to be recreated as v2 workflows for newer features like Project organization

gotcha. Ok, thank you sir.

Of course, here’s a link to our migration guide: Migrate from v1 - Pipedream

It will show you how to handle migrating the v1 constructs into their v2 equivalents.