Why are GET Requests Changing to POST and Resulting in Error Code 400 During CRM Outages?

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Not quite sure how to reproduce, but I’m going to share all the info I have at the moment.

  1. We have a specific GET req with no body. (SS#1)
  2. Our CRM had an outage this morning and were returning code 400.
  3. We did not change anything in WF manually. (!!!)
  4. All the requests failed with code 400 looks like this (SS#2). It’s been changed to POST with an empty application/json body. So, if I try to retry them, there’s an error from CRM side “not supported type of req” coz PD is trying to send POST req to GET end-point.
    Please, feel free to ask any additional info.

Hi, could you expand the Configuration tab on your GetAdvertiser action?

Had been like this (SS#1) before I fixed to this (SS#2).

Hi , I see, it’s hard for me to reproduce this, and it’s quite weird that your workflow step is automatically updated.

If you faced this issue again, could you ping here and share your worklow url?