Why am I repeatedly getting the same error when executing this Python code?

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Getting same error again and again for no specific reason.
the code:
# pipedream add-package moviepy==2.0.0.dev2
**import** os
**from** moviepy.editor **import** concatenate_videoclips, ImageClip, AudioFileClip
**from** PIL **import** Image
**import** numpy **as** np

**def** create_video(memes_dir, audio_path, output_path):
clips = []
**for** filename **in** os.listdir(memes_dir):
img_path = os.path.join(memes_dir, filename)
img = Image.**open**(img_path)
**if** img:
x, y = img.size
desired_w, desired_h = 1080, 1920
new_x = desired_w
new_y = **int**(y ** desired_w / x)
img = img.resize((new_x, new_y), resample=Image.LANCZOS)
new_im = Image.new('RGB', (desired_w, desired_h), (0, 0, 0))
paste_x = (desired_w - new_x) // 2
paste_y = (desired_h - new_y) // 2
new_im.paste(img, (paste_x, paste_y))

`concat_clip = concatenate_videoclips(clips, method="compose")`

`audio_clip = AudioFileClip(audio_path)`
`final_clip = concat_clip.set_audio(audio_clip)`

`final_clip.write_videofile(output_path, fps=24, temp_audiofile_path="/tmp")`
`**return** output_path`

**def** handler(pd: 'pipedream'):
memes_dir = "/tmp/memes"
audio_path = "/tmp/audio.mp3"
output_path = "/tmp/output.mp4"
**return* create_video(memes_dir, audio_path, output_path)

Hi , may I ask if your action has been successfully executed before? Is it broken just today?

Hi , The issue has been solved by @U05FUC30Q01 already. However thanks !