Why am I Receiving an "Invalid URL" Error When Trying to Connect Pipedream to My AWS PostgreSQL Database?

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hello, i try to connect pipedream with my AWS postgresSQL database, but i said Invalid URL when i try to select the schema, any ideas about this problem? appreciate for any suggestion , thanks

Hi , I believe your host name might not be correct. Here’s the sample information in the connection popup that I verified is working, but this is for supabase

i use AWS lightsail Databases, i think the details i fullfill is correct, and still not work. Any suggestions? many thanks.

by the way, where i can find the details of those connect details if using the Self-Hosting Supabase.?
please advise, many thanks. I can’t find setting and the connect details in Self-Hosting Supabase

do you know if our Supabase integration supports self-hosted instances?

It is not set up for self-hosted yet.

I’ve raised a ticket here for tracking: