Why am I Getting an Error When Trying to Merge Changes for a Custom HTTP Response on my Workflow?

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This may be a bug, or me just doing it wrong. I have a HTTP workflow. At the end, I return stuff. It wasn’t working - because I forgot to change my HTTP trigger to return a custom response. So I edit, I select that, and click to Merge to Prod, and get the below. I definitely did change something, the HTTP response.


The trigger is technically a separate resource, and we don’t serialize changes to the trigger today. But we likely will in the future!

once you make changes to the trigger, those are live (we also plan to change this to make it easier to ship changes to triggers alongside the associated workflow)

ah - and i swear now i remember this exact same issue. sorry :wink:


Weird that the Merge to Production CTA was enabled though, that might be a bug

so it WAS enabled. i clicked away to another step (as i was about to edit code to let me do the move) and it disabled until i began editing