Why am I Getting an Error when Inserting a Filename from Dropbox into Google Sheets' First Column?

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I’m getting an error in the first column (filename) on google sheet insert of a file name read from dropbox. The filename is “+447511370000 on 2024-01-15 at 13.02.m4a”. I’m guessing the automation is not escaping special characters “+ and space”, but it’s just a guess. Any ideas?

Hi , yes, thats’s possible. Since everything inside the double braces is essentially JavaScript, you can apply string methods to steps.trigger.event.name to remove the + and spaces, would that work for you?

Hello Pardon but it’s user error. PipeDream is inserting the text correctly, but google sheets is interpreting the + as a formula and resulting in an error. I will be quoting the text in PipeDream to avoid this in the future.