Why am I encountering errors when trying to synchronize local code in Pipedream component even after changing my node version?

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I’m trying to contribute to a pipedream component, I fork the repo add a branch and when I’m going to sync the local code with “git push origin my-branch” it throws error like this one in vscode. Then when I change my node version with nvm to node 20 it throws a similar error that it wants node 18. Crazy

Hi , we appreciate you contributing to the Pipedream repository! I’m currently using Node v18.17.0, could you try with this one?

it doesn’t change since it asks for “Expected version: 20” as showed in the pic, but when I use a node version 20 it requires a “Expected version: 10 || 12 || 14 || 16 || 18”

Ah, now I see the PNPM error — what is the version for npx pnpm -v?

Can you try the command:
npx pnpm -v


Did you the command pnpm install anytime before attempting to push the branch?

I don’t think so, should I ?

Yep, please try that

I used npm install -g pnpm but always that error when trying the push

Try npx pnpm i or npx npm i pnpm if the first one fails

I tried the second one and then the git push again, it installed components and node modules but it fails in the end: error: failed to push some refs to…

Nice, looks like it’s progressing

Would you mind copy and pasting the whole error here?

And some logs for the git push

I’m sorry I’m restarting from zero cause it throws again the error of Node from before, and I’m not understanding very well its behaviour

Basically after cloning the repo locally you have to run npx pnpm install to install all the project dependencies (npx uses the binary in the repo so it uses the correct pnpm version)

I cloned again the repo and opened in vs code, used the commands npm install and npx npm i pnpm and it throws again the Unsupported environment on the push. It’s the first time it happened to me this strange behaviour when I want to contribute to a project. Anyway, thanks for your help, I give up for now.

Could you share the logs and output of the push command? I’d love to dig into it