Where is Component source for the Salesforce "query" action?

I found the Salesforce components here:

But the ‘query’ component isn’t there. Is there another place where components are defined? Perhaps the component is defined at build-time using OpenAPI definition?

I want to send a PR to make the query component use version 50 of the SF API, as right now it uses 20, which is being retired soon.

@chexxor this is a great and timely question. Currently, all of the components you see in the components/ directory are Pipedream event sources. Actions are published at https://pipedream.com/actions.

But we’re about to release a new version of actions that are based on the same component API. You can take a look at the beta docs here — we’ll be announcing this to everyone in the coming days (via email / Slack / here).

Would you be open to contributing Salesforce actions using that model? We’re happy to assist you in any way, and we’d love feedback on the new interface. As an added bonus, we also raise the daily invocations limit of contributors :slight_smile: .

Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with the Salesforce API, and I could try my hand at making components for it.

Off-hand, do you know whether components can be dynamically generated based on an OpenAPI schema? This would require a component to be the output of an async JavaScript function, rather than a static JavaScript module.

If not, that’s fine, as I can simply use what’s possible now.

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Historically we’ve code-generated “v1” actions based on OpenAPI / Swagger specs. We haven’t attempted that for components, but if you wanted to try your hand at it, I think a utility like that would be valuable for many other component devs.

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