Where Can I Set the App Icon URL for My Component When Adding New App 'AfterShip Returns' to PipeDream?

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Hi PipeDream team, I am looking to add a new app AfterShip Returns which is a leading Returns service SaaS solution provider for ecommerce (I am one of the engineers). I saw the there is an similar app Returnly still listed but that company is actually closed just in this month.

I am trying to add new app AfterShip Returns that guide our merchats who use pipedream to consume our APIs.
This can enable thousands of our merchants to use Pipedream as their lowcode platform and build their business with AfterShip ’s API and services.

I think the docs to add components is quite clear.

But question: I wonder where I can set the app icon url for my component when raising a PR?

Hi there, thanks for reaching out

Can you fill out details in this issue tracker?
We’ll look on it shortly


Make sure to fill out all the fields with information for AfterShip before you create the issue.

re app icon: There is a submit an app form that we use internally when adding apps to the app store currently in closed beta

if you want, include the app icon url when you create your issue

we need to add the an app integration for AfterShip first before you can jump to build components

Thanks for your guidance!

Hi Victor, nice to meet you! Let me DM you directly - Sergio and I can help you out with getting Aftership integrated and we look forward to having Aftership available on Pipedream.