What's everyong makin?

Hey Pipers! Just figured I’d spend some time going over what I am running to make my life a little easier.

My productivity suite at my 9-5 is mostly Github and Discord. I have sprinkled in a little Notion, raindrop.io and UseMotion as the glue keeping it all together.

I have a simple workflow that adds a line to a Notion database whenever I save a raindrop bookmark.

I have a Notion database that creates a UseMotion task whenever a line is added.

And several Discord commands that create either github issues, motion tasks etc… when triggered.

What is everyone else running to try and remove friction in their daily lives?

Has anyone had any success stories with IOS Shortcuts? That is my next challenge, figuring out how gracefully make things happen with a shortcut.

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Awesome, iOS Shortcuts does seem very powerful and flexible!

I automate my credit card usage and bank transfers to a Google Sheets with MacroDroid (Android). I configured it to send an HTTP request to trigger my workflow whenever I receive a notification from my bank app. It has saved me a lot of time (but unfortunately it didn’t reduce my credit card usage lol).

Btw, there’s a channel #share-your-work in our Public Slack and would love to see more posts like this there!

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