What page size does the UI / CLI show for async options?

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SERW2039 : I am tackling the aspect of programmatically populated options on sources (the async options on the component definition file), specifically its pagination. Does anyone know the exact page size when pd cli shows –load more-- on doing pd dev over a source file?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : We should display the set of options returned from the first call to the function, so if you return 10 items in the first call, we’ll display 10 results there. Return 50 results and we’ll display 50.

is there any other relevant limit wrt/the options displayed from async options?

SERW2039 : noted/thx, good to know! that makes me skip a test i was about to do. listening for any further input (maybe from TJ)

TJ Koblentz : correct there are no hidden limits (at least for now)