What is the Status of the Reported Issue?

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Reporting this again here Slack

Hi , this error is telling you that the array that you’re running find on is undefined. If it’s only happening in some cases, try to trace the data to see where the array isn’t being defined. You should be able to handle that case in your code, and handle the error in whatever way makes sense.

Can I get some support as this is Sporadic

if its code issue, it should never work

but since I am new to this appreciate if I can connect

Issues like this can be sporadic, since the code will operate on incoming event data (that can be different). We generally can’t support assisting with code, because it’s unique to your use case, and not a part of the platform.

Feel free to share the code in that step, and we can try our best to assist. But I’d also recommend reaching out to a Pipedream partner to get support on the actual implementation: Connect with a Pipedream Partner

Now its Timed out

You can increase the timeout for your workflow in your workflow’s Settings. Some workflows naturally take some time to run, so you can increase the timeout from 30 seconds to whatever value you need.