What is the Solution for Issues with Ring Central Integration to <http://Monday.com|Monday.com> for Tracking Calls and Text Messages?

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Please, I am having issues with my integration from ring central to monday.com for tracking incoming call, outgoing calls and text messages.
Please help.

Hi Victoria, could you tell us more about the issue you’re having? Screenshots and code samples are always welcome.


Thanks Victoria, it looks like you have set up multiple triggers - one for each service. But a trigger just triggers the workflow to start functioning, you can add additional steps beneath the trigger to perform actions.

For example, a RingCentral call can trigger the workflow, then you can log the call to Monday.com using an action.

Multiple triggers will just trigger the workflow on multiple events, it doesn’t instruct the workflow on how to move data. You’ll need to set up the workflow to do that.

Check out our free short University videos to learn more about how to build workflows:

Please why is the test event not loading?

can you help explain why there’s not a test event for this RingCentral trigger yet?

To generate a test event for a RingCentral trigger, you may need to perform an action in RingCentral that corresponds to the event type you’ve selected in Pipedream. For instance, if you’ve set up a “New Inbound Call” trigger, you would need to make an inbound call in RingCentral to generate a test event. If you’ve done this and are still not seeing a test event, there might be an issue with the connection between Pipedream and RingCentral. Please double-check your RingCentral account connection in Pipedream. If the issue persists, you can reach out to Pipedream support at https://pipedream.com/support for further assistance.

how to fix this error

How should I know the right test event to use, secondly, I don’t know the fields to connect an event, I think that was why I go this errors

The screenshots you shared are a little cropped off, but I assume you’re trying to use the incoming call data from RingCentral to create an issue or ticket on Monday.com

There are links in the descriptions of the fields that help you format the data in a way that Monday.com accepts.

That error message is coming from the Monday.com API, it’s trying to tell you the data is not formatted in the way it expects.

Perhaps start with just one property sync at a time until you get a handle of how to sync the call data to Monday.com. Then as you gradually add, test and see the results you can narrow down which property is causing the issue.