What is the Reason for Duplicate Billing on my Card?

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Hello, Pipedream team

I noticed duplicate billing on my card.

Hi, you can email billing@pipedream.com for billing requests to keep your information private.

I sent an email yesterday with attachments of the payments and I didn’t get a response, my boss is charging me

Can you help me?

Sorry for my English, I’m using the translator.

That’s strange, I remember replying to this.

You have two accounts.

One account is signed in with an email + password combination.

You can reset it here with your current email address: https://pipedream.com/auth/forgot-password

I can see that you have an account that’s signed in with an email + password combination, and it has a subscription active

Last time I reset my password I lost all my pipelines.

An active card appears on the stripe portal, but two cards come with payment, on the 7th and the 17th

I remember exchanging emails with you

Is there any way to backup my pipelines?

Yes your second account is logged in with Google, not an email address + password.

Resetting your password does not delete workflows. It’s most likely you accidentally logged into your other account and thought they were deleted.

At this time we do not have a way to back up workflows, but that’s coming soon.

Yes, I login with google account. Is this doubling the payment?

Yes, you have two accounts, each with separate billing set up. You can deactivate one’s subscription and the other account will still have the Professional plan.

I want to do this but I can only access the account with the google login

You can reset it the other account’s password here https://pipedream.com/auth/forgot-password

Done. I restarted the account, I enter the stripe, it’s still the same. Just show bill of one card but charge on two. Can I speak with you in private?

Please email us at billing@pipedream.com for billing questions for the most visibility. We have team members across different time zones that can help.

OK. I will wait for the email.