What is the process for uploading, naming, and saving MP3 files to Shopify using AWS and creating a functioning audio player?

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Trigger: AWS file upoaded (with shopify product ID as file name)
Step 1: Extract Product ID
Step 2: Unzip MP3s to tmp
Step 3: Get Metafields (the tracklisting created in another workflow)
Step 4: Name files
Step 5: Upload files to AWS S3
Step 6: Get file locations from AWS
Step 7: Save file locations to shopify metafields
Step 8: FUNCTIONING AUDIO PLAYER! (custom liquid on shopify)





Many thanks to for the Shopify metafields & @U03BBH9F5TQ for the AWS upload/download. I’ve never bothered with an audio player (for my music website!!) because it was just too much work. Now that I can automate it I feel like I’m doing witchcraft over here.

That is awesome! Can you share your website link?

Sure https://furtherrecords.com/ (the hyperlinks on Artist/Label/Genre/Styles are also a consequence of being able to automatially set up metafields & tags with pipedream)

wow just checked it out! do you sell the actual physical media or is it a marketplace for digital products? the digital version displayed on the site is just a demo isn’t?
I really enjoyed it! thanks for crediting me on your awesome work!

Physical media. Mostly records, some CDs and tapes too. The audio we put up recently is to provide samples/previews for the customers. It did get me thinking about providing a digital marketplace too though…

That’s amazing you were able to use liquid to make a media player, if you want to share that snippet that would be really cool, but I understand if you want to keep that private.

I’ve just never heard of a liquid music player before.

I might be using the wrong terminology! It’s an html5 player (I think). I added the player to the main theme and the custom liquid is just in charge of pulling in the audio file locations from the metafields and displaying the tracklisting etc. GPT pretty much wrote both for me after some haranguing. All the shopify audio players I’ve seen around are non-dynamic. So this one fetches audio for the specific product page its on which is more useful I think.

No you’re right, liquid at the end of the day renders to HTML, but I’ve never seen it used this way with metafields. That is neat.

Have you heard of the Liquid Weekly newsletter? You should write about this and contribute there, they would definitely include this