What is the correct data structure for a column when creating an item?

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Failed to create item: invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. Guide to Changing Column Values

Hi , in order for me to reproduce your issue, could you share your screenshot of the Monday.com action you’re using?

I’ve tried to reproduce Monday.com - Create Item but couldn’t reproduce your issue

thanks for the reply. It is when using a phone number field, web link field, email field or Pipedrive ID field

It worked as you see but once I try to add the ID for Pipedrive I get the error.

Hey , I think maybe the Pipedrive ID is a string, could you try to add as string: {{ ${steps.trigger.event.id} }}

Yes, that did work. That is great! Thank you for your assistance. Do all Monday.com ID need to be wrapped {{ ‘${}’ }}

Hi , great to hear that it works!

> Do all Monday.com ID need to be wrapped {{ ‘${}’ }}
I think it depends, though you should wrap it to be safe.

Okay so I tried wrapping it with a new field which is the website link field and it error out

Sorry Leo, here is the correct one

I think the text prop is incorrect. It can just be something like:

I think for now you should wrapt the pipedrive_item_id4 only

Is it works if you only wrap the pipedrive_item_id4 prop?

Yes it works for the pipedrive_item_id4

But if I try to add a website link to the fields I now get an error

The website link is not neccessary wrapped. Could you share the new error you faced?

Here it is withe email and the website link

I think the value you passed is incorrect. Could you try

{{ steps.trigger.event[""a2d03...] }}

(notice that I removed the wrapping and the . )


Are there supposed to be double quotes before the ID