What is the cause of the error when trying to get a PNG file from a function that creates an image and returns binary data?

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Hey guys, I am running a function which creates an image and then returns the binary data of the image file.
I want to get the png file and i am getting this error:

Whenever i am running the code on my VS code it runs perfectly.
Can you help me understand what i need to do in order to save the PNG file?
After this function I want to use the file and send it via gmail.

Hello , you’ll need to store the image into /tmp dir, this article should be able to help you

Do you have any tutorials videos on this topic?
I can not understand what i need to do from the documentation.
The script that is creating the image file is a python script, and saving the file is with node.js, I dont understand how i should combine the two processes together

Hello , here’s a good tutorial: Speed Run #12 - Download the latest /r/gif submissions into your workflow's /tmp directory - YouTube

Alternatively, there is a helper function that you can use instead of using the Node.js code step