What is the Best Practice for Setting Up a Semi-Automated CICD Pipeline for Workflows in Pipedream?

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What’s the best practice of setting up a semi-automated CICD pipeline for workflows in pipedream? I’d like to be able to create a workflow in dev environment, test it, then push it to production environment after human approval.

I’m currently just creating the workflow in dev project, clone it after testing, then moving the cloned workflow to the production project and delete/deactivate the old prod workflow.

Is there an easy way to do this semi-automatically?

Good question, not quite yet.

You can use the Workflow API to create another workflow with different prop values and connected accounts.

That would allow you to create another workflow with development credentials or mocked inputs.

But at this time we don’t have a workflow CI/CD integration.

You can also programmatically disable these test workflows as well, so after you’ve tested them, they can be shut down.