What is the best email service that supports mail merge tokens, can be integrated with Google Sheets and Pipedream, and provides robust tracking?

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I’m looking for a recommendation for an email service to use alongside my Google Sheet data source. I currently use a sheet to send mail merge emails as a step in my workflows. I use Apps Script for one workflow to create a line item PDF and then send the email, but this method is not very robust and it lacks tracking. I often come into limitation issues using the apps script api. The other method I use is YAMM but then it needs to be manually run outside our Pipedream workflows.
So I’m looking for an email service that can work from a Google Sheet send list and include mail merge tokens. Also one that Pipedream can hook in to.


I have a workflow that triggers on a Calendar upconming event and does tons of crap. among them, sends an email from info from the event that triggered. This is sent with Resend, which I recommend. Comes with 250 emails monthly https://pipedream.com/apps/resend

I’m saying “crap” like I felt used the other day and thought that sounded fun to read among the more nerd workflow automation lingo

i started a trend. sorry. :wink:

nothing to be sorry about. it’s cool!!

i need a few thousand emails per week. ill look it up thanks