What is Causing the Error with New File in Folder (Instant) OneDrive Trigger?

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I am getting this error with New File in Folder (Instant) OneDrive Trigger. Any idea of what is going on?

Hey , I’ve never seen this error. Would you mind sharing the screenshot of your whole source configuration if possible?

**import** onedrive **from** "../../microsoft_onedrive.app.mjs";
**import** sampleEmit **from** "./test-event.mjs";
**import** base **from** "../common/base.mjs";

export **default** {
type: "source",
key: "microsoft_onedrive-new-file-in-folder",
name: "New File in Folder (Instant)",
description: "Emit an event when a new file is added to a specific directory tree in a OneDrive drive",
version: "0.1.1",
dedupe: "unique",
props: {
folder: {
propDefinition: [
methods: {
getDeltaLinkParams() {
**return** {
folderId: **this**.folder,
isItemRelevant(driveItem) {
**return** !!(driveItem.file);

Here is the configuration file

Sorry I meant this page

And the error you observed is in the source log right?

In the config page here. We are dropping the file in the selected folder but the workflow isn’t executing.

In the logs no error shows.

Weird, it works just fine for my case. Would you mind reconnecting your OneDrive account and try to recreate the source again?

It’s a non-developer colleagues account so I will try and get him to do it later.

Would it make a difference if the file is dropped in the local one drive and not the browser version of one drive?

I think it wouldn’t make the different in this case. Though please try to reproduce and let me know if that is the case