What is causing Invocations Cap to be reset after saving on Billing & Usage screen?

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Hi, I’m trying to set the Invocations Cap on the Billing & Usage screen. It looks like it did set the cap correctly after clicking save, but after refreshing the page, it’s back to unlimited again. I’m not an admin user, so not sure if that’s the problem here? But in that case, I would expect it to not show at all, or at least give me an error message.

Hi are you trying to change the cap on an organization? If so can you share the name of the org name, it’s in the lower left of the screen.

It’s indeed an organisation. Send you a private message.

Hi Bastiaan, make sure you have switched to the organization context instead of your personal one.

By default, when you login, you begin in your personal context. To switch, click the dropdown in the top left or the navigation menu:


Hi, that’s what I did

Hi Bastiaan, I can confirm this bug. Thanks for your patience, I’ve started a bug report with our team and we’ll get it handled. No action needed

Just an update, the reason why your account specifically can’t update it is because you’re not an admin of that organization.

But it should be providing that feedback in an error message.

Yes, already thought so :slightly_smiling_face: thanks! I’ll ask the admin to set the limit.