What Could be Causing Issues with Saving Flow States and Pushing Changes to Github?

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Currently having issues with saving flow states, any known issues?

Issue occurs like this:
• Open flow
• Edit something
• Attempt to push to github, no changes detected
• Refreshing/opening a new tab at this point has reverted the flow to it’s original state.
I’ve tried creating a new branch, but that doesn’t seem to change anything, and has resulted in me having to modify the same flow several times at this point.

Example, edited flow vs same flow in new tab

Hi , is this happening specifically with GitHub-synced workflows only?

Unsure, all our flows are backed up to github, is there any way I can test without risking breaking something?

In your screenshot what changes were made?
• I see a new code step
• The workflow was renamed to Approve Order (Redirect)

Disabled 20+ steps, add new step, change name

If you’re able to see our flows, I can share more information in DMs

That’d be good, could you please submit a support ticket at Support - Pipedream


Thanks! I’ll follow up there ASAP